International Delight

To create buzz and excitement throughout the ID workplace, a welcome package with the new elements of the Delightful World Campaign was delivered to employees, introducing the new campaign, bottle packaging, and logo.

To help employees experience what delight is, the brown coffee bag houses all of the elements inside, and is sealed with an ID sticker.

Inside, hand-made saddle-stitched booklet welcomes the viewer opening the bag. The book introduces the paint-by-numbers kit found inside, and gives instructions on how to interact with the other elements.

The 3D printed Worker sits upon a burlap pillow full of coffee beans and sewn together by hand. When the package is opened, the aroma of coffee immediately ignites the senses and draws the viewer into the world of delight.

The booklet explains the painting process and gives the viewer two options on how to color the doll. Option one allows you to paint the doll with the coffee colored paint, while option two invites you to be expressive and dip the Worker into coffee to stain him.