Goose Island Innovation Series

Goose Island Innovation Series


While the Chicago brewery is best known for their smooth Lagers and hop-forward IPAs, Goose Island wanted to explore a new series of experimental flavors called the Innovation Series. This line of beers opened up the potential for some exciting packaging options. While the standard packaging typically takes cues from Chicagoland architecture and industrial roots, Goose Island proposed a completely new look and feel for this new line of flavorful beers.



As the foundation of a new territory for Goose, this line of cans—and the new beers inside—is meant to be totally eye-catching and fresh. Instead of using typical, image-heavy flavor cues, the cans are wrapped in juicy bold blocks of color, a modern interpretation of the distinct flavor profiles of each beer. The color-blocking, patterning, and playful typography create cans that demand to
be noticed and refuse to be thrown away half-full. 



This series acknowledges the rich history of the brewery, while allowing the brewery to reintroduce themselves with this new series of beers. The large, sans-serif typography and bright hues in this design application give a modern feeling, while the use of light texture harkens to the gritty, city-worn feeling that’s so familiar to Goose. The ‘Est 1988’ type and the clean, white upper half create a slight throwback beer can feel, while the misty spray of color on the white gives a spray-can aesthetic.