Always Overnight


Always Overnight

Despite the fact that most females get a period once a month, many of them are wearing the wrong size pad, especially at night. Frequency does not equal knowledge. With this campaign, Always wanted to encourage women to explore their nighttime menstruation options, and to champion women to get a good night’s rest with a more comfortable pad. 



For the TV campaign, we followed two extremely busy female entrepreneurs.
originally started her coffee trailer as a Kickstarter campaign, and soon
enough her dream became a reality. With a booming business, there isn’t room
for sleepless nights. 



We also documented the hectic days and nights of Lynzy Moran, owner and operator of two late-night food trailers. Even though she’s a night owl, Lynzy understands importance of getting a good night’s rest. This is way bigger
than beauty sleep—this is sleep needed to conquer the busy day ahead.
And Always is there for her.



The digital space was the perfect platform to experiment with showing the benefits of a pad without using the gross blue-goo demo that most females are very familiar seeing. This demo is the first time Always explored alternative options to the blue-goo. 



During testing, women discussed the unsatisfactory ways in which they ‘prepare’ their bed for sleep during menstruation. From plastic sheets to layering towels to trying to lay completely still, women were accommodating for a solution Always had. They knew women needed to be able to move around comfortably in bed, without the dreaded fear of leaks. So we showed how Always pads allowed for maximum movement while providing maximum protection, with a print ad that sparked a powerful social media conversation.