YWCA Respect


YWCA Respect

Before there can be peace. Before there can be justice. Before there can be freedom and dignity for all, there needs to be one thing: Respect. 



Inspired by the powerful #metoo and #timesup movements, the Respect campaign grew from a desire to champion women and the contributions of female-first groups like the YWCA. The Respect logo incorporates the female symbol as a powerful illustration to demand respect for women. Which made International Women’s Month the perfect time to launch the Respect campaign.



Using a medium weight, friendly-but-firm sans serif typeface gives the Respect logo the gravitas and structure that it needs to carry such an important message of justice for all. 


Equality vines :: OLD VINE ZIN

We expanded the campaign by partnering with Equality Vines to create a line of Respect wines. And all proceeds benefit the YWCA. #cheers


Scarves, bandanas, t-shirts, and other materials created in time for the Women’s March. All materials were proudly sported by Chicagoland Metropolitan YWCA supporters. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.45.26 PM.png

Equality vines :: ROSé

But we didn't stop there. We launched the line on National Rosé Day by delivering it to female chefs all around the Chicagoland area.


national rosé day

A crafted wooden box contained a bottle of Respect Rosé, coordinating coasters, mini posters, and a tasting booklet that gave ideas of how to pair the wine with food. It encouraged them to Drink With Purpose—and wider distribution of the line means everyone else can, too. On National Rose Day, boxes of Respect Rose were delivered to female chefs all around the Chicagoland area. Each wooden box contained a bottle of Respect Rose, coasters, a tasting booklet, and mini posters. All materials encouraged the chefs to pair the wine with food, and to help their diners drink with purpose.